The Shabti collections – 1

Name: The Shabti collections – 1 
Author: Glenn Janes
First published: 2010, Olicar House publications 
Amount of pages: 78 
ISBN: 978-0-9566271-0-0  
Average price: EUR 40 
Availability: Good
Language: English

Content: Shabtis in West Park Museum, Macclesfield


From the author of the superb book Shabtis – a private view, comes a new serie of books dedicated to shabtis. The serie will consist of the collection of shabtis in the North-West of England, starting with the West Park Museum in Macclesfield.

The first volume provides the same ingredients as Glenn Janes’s first book, Shabtis – a private view. They consist of: excellent photographs in the actual dimensions of the object, parallel research of the highest level and very good liner notes. The book further contains a lot of information on the Royal Cache (DB 320) and the Second Cache (including rare photo’s and drawings), and some interesting information on Marianne Brocklehurst who founded the museum and who acquired its objects herself in Egypt. 

It is a pity that not from all shabtis the sides are shown (especially the rare Pinedjem I shabtis would have been nice) and the total amount of shabtis covered, 48, is limited. Nevertheless, a very worthwile addition for any collector of shabtis and due to the Cachettes information an interesting book for all are interested in ancient Egypt. 


Great publication on shabtis. I am allready looking forward to the next!

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