Shabtis sorted by name

This is a list of all named shabtis in the database. They are arranged in English alphabetical order. Click on the name or the SC number to be linked to the database page.

Name of the owner (royal names and private names) SC number
Achnaton, King SC/125
Amenemope SC/15
Amenemope SC/21 ,SC/58
Amen-hat-(pa)-mesha SC/51
Amen-Heru SC/111
Amen-Hotep SC/43
Amen-ir-dis SC/112
Amen-niwt-Nakht SC/98
Ankh-Hor SC/117
Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu SC/80
Ankh-en-Ptah SC/93
Ankh-Khonsu SC/101, SC/102
Bak-en-Mut SC/11
Ba-Nebu-Rawa, born of Sen-Mery-N-Ptah SC/42
Ba(k)-Wer SC/120, SC/122, 
Djed-MaAt-Iw-es-Ankh SC/99
Djed-Mut SC/119
Djehuty-em-Akhet SC/149
Du-A SC/50
Gaut-Seshenu (A) SC/70
Gaut-seshenu (B) SC/55
Heka-em-saf SC/79
Henut-Merit SC/46
Henut-Tawy (A) SC/132
Henut-Tawy SC/105
Hor, born of Mery-Neith SC/57
Hor-Ankh SC/81
Hor-em-Heb, son of Ankh-Pa-Khered born to Ta-khered-en-ta-ihe SC/91 , SC/116
Hor-(em)-Khebi, born from Na-(n)es-Bastet SC/87
Hor-Nakht SC/144
Her-webkhet SC/69 , SC/114
Hor-Pen-Aset, born of Asetsheshen SC/28, SC/32
Horudja, born of Kha-W-Sen-Hep SC/39
Horudja, born of Shedet SC/60
Iahirdis, born to Shesemtet SC/109
Ihy SC/86
Ii-mi-Seba SC/136
In-pH-ef-NeHet SC/67
Iry SC/3
Isis (Iset) SC/16
Iset-em-Khebit SC/45, SC/143
Iset-em-Khebi (D) SC/135
Karo SC/27
Karo (?) SC/128
Ked-Merut SC/147
Khaas SC/48, SC/49
Khayt SC/62
Khonsu-Pa-Chered SC/118
Khony SC/84
M-? SC/74
Maat-Ka-Ra, Divine Adotrice SC/100
Mia SC/94
Nakht-Amun SC/9
Nefer-Ib-Ra-Sa-Neith SC/141
Nes-Amun SC/4 , SC/104
Nes-ta-hi SC/82
Nesi-Khonsu SC/47
Nesi-Mut SC/130
Nesi-Pa-hor-an SC/89
Nespapernub SC/52
Nes-ta-neb-ischeru SC/53
Nesy-Khonsu SC/61
Nesy-per-Nub SC/77
Osiris (?) SC/64
Osorkon II SC/145
Pa-Di-Amun SC/97
Pa-Di-Amen-Ipet (Petamenope) SC/131
Pa-Di-Neb-Wen SC/110
Pa-Di-Pepet, born to to Bastet-Ir-dis SC/115
Pa-Di-W-Amen SC/1
Pa-Khaas, born to Chages SC/7
Pa-Kharu SC/92
Pa-Khered-(en)-Iset SC/139
Pa-Nedjem II (High Priest Pinedjem II) SC/133
Pa-n-nswt-tawy SC/66
Pa-Shed-Mery-f SC/31
P(a)-Shery-(en)-ta-ihet, born to born to Ta-Shery(t)-n-ta-kery SC/103
Pa-Sen SC/33, SC/71
Pa-Wenesh SC/65
Pay-Iry SC/148
Psamtek, born of Mery-Neith SC/13
Psamtek, born of Ta-Sherit-en-Sakhmet SC/108
Psusennes I, King SC/75, SC/124
Ptah-Hotep SC/29
Seti I, King (Men-Maat-Ra) SC/54, SC/63
Shed-Su-Hor SC/96
Takelot I, King SC/56 SC/123
Ta-Hen-Neb-Khemenou SC/10
Ta-Neferet SC/41
Ta-Ujdat-Ra SC/37
Ta-Shed-? SC/76
Ta-yu-heret SC/138
Tent-Ipet SC/113
Tent-Osorkon SC/22
Tent-Shed-Khonsou (also Ta-Shed-Khonsou) SC/26, SC/127
Tjai-ne-hebu SC/134
Tjai-ne-hebu-Aa SC/73, SC/90
Un-djebau-en-djed SC/142
Userhat SC/12
Userhat SC/121
Wa-w(a)-Wer, his good name Wa-ib-ra-sa-neith SC/126
Yaj SC/95