Shabtis, a Private View


Name: Shabtis, a Private View
Author: Glenn Janes
First published: 2002, Cybele
Amount of pages: 264
ISBN: 2-9516758-2-8
Average price: EUR 90 
Availability: Good
Language: English

Content: Shabtis in private collections in Europe


This book is perfect and an absolute must have for anyone interested in shabtis. It has combined all good things you would like to have for a shabti book.

First, a good, albeit brief, introduction to shabtis in general. Furthermore, 115 specific shabtis are researched with information of the ancient owner, the transliteration and translation of the glyphs and with very good reference material of shabtis for the same owner in other museums or when they appeared on the art market. Last but not least, the book contains the best shabti pictures I have ever seen in a book. Also, the book contains a CD-rom with a database of the shabtis of the book, pictures of all shabtis which for some shabtis allow a 360 degree angle look and the basic information of that shabti. Unique in the shabti book world!


The book is not cheap (although reduced in price in 2009), but you can not expect that for a book that delivers this unique and great package. Highly recommended to every shabti lover, collector, dealer, museum curator in the world! The quality of the book and its pictures make it even highly recommended to people interested in ancient Egyptian. Order the book at his website

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