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    ** It is not required to provide your details to the webmaster. Most collectors treasure their collection for safety reasons and are very protective of their names and addresses. From private experience I can fully relate to that!

    Why should I add my shabtis to the database? 

    There a lots of reasons why you should include your shabtis to the database, to name just a few: 

    1. Publication of your shabtis world-wide. A publication enhances the value of the object. 

    2. Contribute to the first and largest online database for privately owned shabtis. This is not only worthwile for researchers across the globe, it also takes away the argument of some scientists that shabtis should not be locked up in privately held home, but on view for the public. On ShabtiCollections the shabtis can be seen by everyone (compare that with the fact that most museums display less then 10% of what they have). 

    3. Its easy and in principle free of charge (for details see the Terms and Conditions Database )

    People must accept the Terms and Conditions Database prior to offering shabtis to ShabtiCollections. Read the terms and conditions carefully.