Les figurines Funeraires Egyptiennes

Name: Les figurines Funeraires Egyptiennes 
Author: Speleers, Louis 
First published: 1923, Foundation Universitaire de Belgique 
Amount of pages: 188 
ISBN: unknown
Average price: EUR 80- EUR 300 
Availability: Extremely rare
Language: FrenchContent: General description of shabtis.


This book of Speleers is the first book on shabtis in which a general study of the topic is performed, a few years earlier than the book of Petrie. 

Now i finally have the book i realise that a lot of the later authors like Aubert and Schneider used a lot of information for their books from Speleers publication. 

Although the Speleers book does contain a few rare black & white photo plates, this will generally not be the reason for buying this book, which should be the technical content. 


This book is recommended to the serious shabti collector due to its content and historical value.

I do not recommend the book to general collectors of Egyptain antiquities and even not to the general shabticollector for its content is too technical and the amount of pictures is limited.

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