The Shabti collections – 2

Name: The Shabti collections – 2 
Author: Glenn Janes
First published: 2011, Olicar House publications 
Amount of pages: 92
ISBN: 978-0-9566271-1-7  
Average price: EUR 40 
Availability: Good
Language: English

Content: Shabtis in Warrington Museum and Art Gallery


The second volume in a serie of shabtis from museum collections from the North-West of England is focussing on Warrington Museum and Art Gallery. 

This second volume continues on the fine road paved by volume one. Again it consists of excellent colour photographs in the actual dimensions of the object, parallel research of the highest level and very good liner notes. This volume’s preface focusses on the interesting topic of the provenance of the shabtis distributed by the Egypt Exploration Society around 1900. Some of these shabtis have been quoted as coming from Abydos, others from Ramesseum at Thebes. The author provides some clarification and suggestions on this provenance issue making again clear that Glenn Janes is a true shabti expert.

One of my small remarks on the first volume (that not from all shabtis the side views are shown) still stands for volume 2, but the total amount of shabtis covered here (which is nothing the author can influence of course) is higher, 63 shabtis, then the first volume. 


For anyone interested in shabtis this book, as well as volume 1, is a must have. The research is perfect, very up to date and of high quality. For the general reader it is slightly less interesting due to the limited diversity in the shabtis. Nevertheless, it gets the maximum score of 5 shabtis as these are perfect shabti books.

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