Shabtis by Hans D. Schneider


Name: Shabtis
Author: Hans D. Schneider 
First published: 1977, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden 
Amount of pages: Vol. 1: 366, Vol. 2: 254, Vol. 3: approx. 90 plates 
ISBN: unknown 
Average price: EUR 1,000 for the three volumes 
Availability: Extremely rare 
Language: English Content: General description of shabtis as well as the shabtis in Leiden, the Netherlands.


This is for all shabti interested, dealers, museum curators and so on without a doubt described as the best book on shabtis. It is also the rarest book to find.

It was written by Prof. Hans D. Schneider and published in 1977 in a limited amount of copies. Unfortunately no reprint is ever made. Prof. Schneider informed me that a reprint will not be made because he feels it requires an update on the references in the book before a reprint is made. Even so, this book remains the best shabti book ever made. The first volume gives a very good description of the shabti concept and also provides a good study on Chapter Six as often found on ushabtis.

The second volume describes the huge amount of shabtis in the Leiden museum (many hundreds) and the typology used by him is followed by many others, and also forms the basis of this website.

Finally the third volume consists of plates with many of the shabtis from all four sides which is also rare for most books on shabtis. 


A must have for everyone interested in ancient egypt! If you ever find one, do not hesitate to buy it. Copies of some volumes circulate which can be temporarily alternative.

Shabtis, a Private View


Name: Shabtis, a Private View
Author: Glenn Janes
First published: 2002, Cybele
Amount of pages: 264
ISBN: 2-9516758-2-8
Average price: EUR 90 
Availability: Good
Language: English

Content: Shabtis in private collections in Europe


This book is perfect and an absolute must have for anyone interested in shabtis. It has combined all good things you would like to have for a shabti book.

First, a good, albeit brief, introduction to shabtis in general. Furthermore, 115 specific shabtis are researched with information of the ancient owner, the transliteration and translation of the glyphs and with very good reference material of shabtis for the same owner in other museums or when they appeared on the art market. Last but not least, the book contains the best shabti pictures I have ever seen in a book. Also, the book contains a CD-rom with a database of the shabtis of the book, pictures of all shabtis which for some shabtis allow a 360 degree angle look and the basic information of that shabti. Unique in the shabti book world!


The book is not cheap (although reduced in price in 2009), but you can not expect that for a book that delivers this unique and great package. Highly recommended to every shabti lover, collector, dealer, museum curator in the world! The quality of the book and its pictures make it even highly recommended to people interested in ancient Egyptian. Order the book at his website

Shabtis, Privately Owned Egyptian Antiquities in Ontario


Name: Shabtis, privately owned egyptian antiquities in Ontario
Author: Joyce L. Haynes
First published: 1983, Benben Publications, Canada
Amount of pages: 39
ISBN: 0-920168-03-5
Average price: around EUR 30- EUR 50
Availability: Rare
Language: EnglishContent: Privately owned shabtis in Ontario Canada


This book(let) is clearly from the pre-computer age. The words are from the typing machines that used to drive everybody crazy (strangely so, not much RSI in that period).

Also the booklet is with loose pages, something which I clearly dislike. It’s not handy for looking things up. Taking into account the limited amount of shabtis in the book, 16, this book is almost the last resort if you want to look things up.

The photo’s are black & white, not uncommon for the period but a pity nevertheless, but do show the shabtis from all four sides.


Another book that is only of interest for the shabti collector / dealer / museum curator that wants to have everything about shabtis.

Catalogue General, Antiquites Egyptiennes du Musee de Cairo, Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi

Name: Catalogue General, Antiquites Egyptiennes du Musee de Cairo, Funerary Statuettes and Model sarcophagi 
Author: Percy E. Newberry 
First published: 1957 
Amount of pages: Vol. 1, approx. 360, Vol. 2, approx. 180, Vol. 3 approx. 55 
Average price: EUR 300 per volume 
Availability: Extremely rare 
Language: FrenchContent: Description of shabtis in the Cairo Museum


The Cairo museum has the best Egyptian collection in the world, hence the best collection of shabtis too. This three volume book of Newberry is therefore very important. The first two volumes provide for a description of all the shabtis with their catalogue number (at that time, unfortunately notcorresponding with the current numbers in the museum). The third volume is the best one cause it contains B&W plates of a (selection of) the shabtis in the first volumes and it contains the index, which is quite handy if you have the other volumes.

Unfortunately, this book is extremely rare. Especially volume 1, which I find quite strange, cause I would expect the third volume to be the most desired one. Perhaps more copies of the third volume were made. 


A must have for every shabti collector. Extremely rare unfortunately.

Statuettes Funeraires Egyptiennes, du departement des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques

Name: Statuettes Funeraires Egyptiennes, du departement des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques 
Author: Aubert, Jacques F. and Aubert, Liliane
First published: 2005, Bibliotheque nationale de France
Amount of pages: 192
ISBN: 2-7177-2304-8
Average price: EUR 65
Availability: Good
Language: FrenchContent: Description of shabtis in Monnaies, France.


During her life, Mrs. Liliane Aubert dedicated a lot of time in researching the shabtis of the department of Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques. Unfortunately she was not able to finish the book herself, since she sadly passed away in 2004. Her husband Mr. Jacques Aubert finished the book.

The book contains some 80 plus shabtis well described an pictured, front, back and one side. Some beautifull colour pictures are also included, included elsewhere in the book. There is certainly a large amount of shabtis featured in this book that are of high quality and not published elsewhere. TIP lovers will be disappointed, only 3 shabtis from this period are described.

Finally, what I find helpful is the summary of the well known owners of shabtis of each period, as described in the masterbook of Aubert from 1974. Since that book is extremely rare, for the unfortunates this book is a great addition.


A nice shabtibook with great colour pictures. Also the format is quite handy, so easy to bring along. I like it and recommend it to shabti-interested persons as well as to serious general Egyptian interested.