Shabtis by Flinders Petrie

Name: Shabtis
Author: Flinders Petrie 
First published: 1934, reprint 1974, Malter
Amount of pages: 67 
ISBN: 0913484032
Average price: EUR 150 (reprint)
Availability: Very rare 
Language: English

Content: Shabtis in the Petrie collection, London University


One of the earliest shabti books that used to be a must have for everyone interested in shabtis. 

With the online publication of the entire Petrie collection on the web this book became less essential. Nevertheless, it remains an attractive shabti book because it containts lots of plates of lots of shabtis clearly divided by dynasty. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to search for specific shabtis since indexes with names are lacking. Furthermore, transliterations are lacking as well. 


This book is difficult to get, although scanned copies circulate. For me, a photo copy is good enough for now.

Its a nice book to date shabtis based on style and a must have for the serious shabti collector. If you do not belong to either category, forget about it!

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