Shabtis, Privately Owned Egyptian Antiquities in Ontario


Name: Shabtis, privately owned egyptian antiquities in Ontario
Author: Joyce L. Haynes
First published: 1983, Benben Publications, Canada
Amount of pages: 39
ISBN: 0-920168-03-5
Average price: around EUR 30- EUR 50
Availability: Rare
Language: EnglishContent: Privately owned shabtis in Ontario Canada


This book(let) is clearly from the pre-computer age. The words are from the typing machines that used to drive everybody crazy (strangely so, not much RSI in that period).

Also the booklet is with loose pages, something which I clearly dislike. It’s not handy for looking things up. Taking into account the limited amount of shabtis in the book, 16, this book is almost the last resort if you want to look things up.

The photo’s are black & white, not uncommon for the period but a pity nevertheless, but do show the shabtis from all four sides.


Another book that is only of interest for the shabti collector / dealer / museum curator that wants to have everything about shabtis.

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