Uschebti – agyptische Dienerfiguren einer deutschen Privatsammlung

Name: Uschebti – agyptische Dienerfiguren einer deutschen Privatsammlung 
Author: Stefan Decker 
First published: 2005, Kempen, Germany (October 2007) 
Amount of pages: 140
Average price: EUR 79 
Availability: Good
Language: German Content: Description of shabtis in a private German collection



By the end of 2007 this book suddenly appeared. It appears to be from a small scale production of the publication of someone’s private collection which I can always appreciate.
Luckily the book is printed in full colour so that the colour (mostly faience) of the pieces is visible. I also like the fact that the hieroglyphs are shown separately as well as the transliteration and the translation.

Main disappointment of the book for me is that provenance information is almost completely lacking and parallel information is hardly ever given. Finally, the total number of shabtis described, some 45, is quite limited. 


The book is quite expensive for the limited amount of shabtis described. Therefore i only recommend this book to the hard core shabticollector.

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