Statuettes Egyptiennes

Name: Statuettes Egyptiennes, chaouabtis, ouchebtis
Author: Aubert, J.F. and Aubert, Liliane
First published: 1974, Paris Librairie d’Amérique et d’Orient
Amount of pages: 300
ISBN: unknown
Average price: EUR 300 to EUR 500
Availability: Extremely rare
Language: French

Content: General description of shabtis.


This is the first major publication of the Aubert family and remains the best one. Unfortunately, the book is extremely rare to find. The books gives one of the first concessive general description of shabtis. Furthermore, it provides a good overview of the important shabtis known till that date (1974). 

The black & white photo section is nice and provides a good overview for dating of shabtis. 


Even though the book is in French, its very important to all shabti-interested. Highly recommendable and really a must have! Good hunting…..

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