Les statuettes funeraires de la Deuxieme Cachette a Deir el-Bahri

Name: Les statuettes funeraires de la Deuxieme Cachette a Deir el-Bahari
Author: Liliane Aubert
First published: 1998, Cybele
Amount of pages: 128
ISBN: 9-9512092-0-7
Average price: EUR 40
Availability: Good
Language: French

Content: Description of shabtis of Cache 2


This is another publication of the Aubert family. This publication is now specifically dealing with the shabtis of Cache 2 (also known as the Bab-el Gusus tomb), of which they already wrote in several of their previous publications (for example: 1981, Nouvelles observations sur les chaouabtis de Deir el Bahari et autres de la 21e dynasty, CdE 56, p. 15-30).

I like this book a lot since it is the only shabti book dealing exclusively with my favourite, Cache 2, shabtis (51 different shabtis).

The book contains good reference material. A translation of the glyphs is also provided (unfortunately not a transliteration in the description, although a transliteration of the titles is provided in an index at the end of the book).

The pictures are mainly in black & white and not of the highest quality, but the book cover is full colour as well as 18 shabtis pictured in full colour on plates within the book, which is great.


The book is not expensive and still available so highly recommended to specific Cache 2 shabti interested and still recommended to other shabti interested for its perfect specific information. Its not recommended for the average individual interested in ancient Egypt in general.

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