Estatuetas Funerarias Egipcias da XXI Dinastia

Name: Estatuetas Funerarias Egipcias da XXI Dinastia
Author: Luis Manuel de Araujo
First published: 2003, Dinalivro
Amount of pages: 1115
ISBN: 9-782951-209206
Average price: EUR 50 – 100
Availability: Unknown, limited to 1000 copies but probably soon second edition 
Language: Portugese 

Content: Overview of all Portugese TIP shabtis in museums and references to all TIP shabtis known.


This book is a publication of a Portugese doctoral thesis. It’s huge with over 1100 pages. Its size and thickness reminds of a telephone book. 

When it first arrived I was a bit disappointed, expecting over 1100 pages of shabti pictures, but it contained “only” some 200 pages of specific shabti pictures with description. Now, after one years time, I finally fully appreciate the book for what it is, one of the best shabti Third Intermediate Period reference books!

Every TIP shabti known is described in the book with references to museums worldwide.
Another great thing is that the book contains full colour pictures of the Portugese shabtis (back and front) at high quality.


It’s the best reference book for TIP shabtis and thus a must have for shabti collectors. Its not intended for the general ancient Egypt interested.

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