Statuettes Funeraires Egyptiennes, du departement des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques

Name: Statuettes Funeraires Egyptiennes, du departement des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques 
Author: Aubert, Jacques F. and Aubert, Liliane
First published: 2005, Bibliotheque nationale de France
Amount of pages: 192
ISBN: 2-7177-2304-8
Average price: EUR 65
Availability: Good
Language: FrenchContent: Description of shabtis in Monnaies, France.


During her life, Mrs. Liliane Aubert dedicated a lot of time in researching the shabtis of the department of Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques. Unfortunately she was not able to finish the book herself, since she sadly passed away in 2004. Her husband Mr. Jacques Aubert finished the book.

The book contains some 80 plus shabtis well described an pictured, front, back and one side. Some beautifull colour pictures are also included, included elsewhere in the book. There is certainly a large amount of shabtis featured in this book that are of high quality and not published elsewhere. TIP lovers will be disappointed, only 3 shabtis from this period are described.

Finally, what I find helpful is the summary of the well known owners of shabtis of each period, as described in the masterbook of Aubert from 1974. Since that book is extremely rare, for the unfortunates this book is a great addition.


A nice shabtibook with great colour pictures. Also the format is quite handy, so easy to bring along. I like it and recommend it to shabti-interested persons as well as to serious general Egyptian interested.

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