Les serviteurs funeraires royaux et princiers de l’Ancienne Egypte


Name: Les serviteurs funeraires royaux et princiers de l’Ancienne Egypte
Author: Bovot, Jean-Luc 
First published: 2003, Editions de la Reunion des musees nationeuax 
Amount of pages: 451 
ISBN: 2-7118-4564-8
Average price: EUR 110-EUR 125 
Availability: Good
Language: FrenchContent: Description of the royal shabtis of the Louvre museum in Paris, France.


The Louvre has over 4,200 shabtis in its collection, making it one of the biggest collections in the world. This excellent book is the first step to publication of the pieces by publishing first the royal pieces of the collection. To expand the scope a bit Mr. Bovot included the royal family members. 

I like the systematical way Mr. Bovot describes the shabtis. All relevant information is there about the shabtis and, what i highly appreciate, the shabtis are shown at real size and from all four angels. Unfortunately not all in colour, but there is a colour section in the front that covers some of the important pieces in colour.

The book is not cheap which could be a set-back for starting collectors. Also they will not likely find parallels for their own shabtis in this book (unless they are really lucky). Nevertheless, i do recommend the book because it also gives a very broad overview of the Louvre shabtis of prince Khaemwaset of which so many fake shabtis turned up in the 1990’s (i refer to the articles of Peter Clayton). Here you find many specimens of how they should look like (as for starters). Furthermore, the general information provided in the book is helpfull for starters as well (if they can read French that is). 

An excellent book with royal shabtis all well described and photographed. Since it covers only royal pieces it will be less interesting for some of the starting collectors, hence “only” 4 shabtis, but it comes close to the maximum of 5. A must have for the experienced collector, dealer and museum.

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