Corpus der Agyptischen Totenfiguren der Offentlichen Sammlungen Krakaus

Name: Corpus der Agyptischen Totenfiguren der Offentlichen Sammlungen 
Author: Schlogl, Hermann A. 
First published: 2000, Freiburg University 
Amount of pages: 293 
ISBN: 83-7188-275-0  
Average price: around EUR 75- EUR 150
Availability: Rare
Language: German Content: Shabtis in museums in Krakow, Poland


This is the fourth book on ushabtis by Hermann Schlogl, a passionate ushabti researcher that this time exclusively deals with shabtis in the museums in Krakow, Poland.

With nearly 300 pages the large book is heavy and contains a lot of info. I like the fact that front and back are photocopied in high quality and that the glyphs and transliterations are provided.

Furthermore, it is obvious that the author is an expert on the subject, which make his interesting comments to each shabti worthwile. 

Another attractive point of the book is that it deals with all the shabtis in the museum, thus also with the less attractive, uninscribed etc. shabtis making good references for the objects most frequently found on the antiquities market. 

The German language can make it more difficult for some collectors, but even if you do not read the language the book remains interesting due to its great pictures and transliterations of the glyphs. 


A great book for every shabti collector!

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