Egyptian Shabtis by Harry M. Stewart


Name: Egyptian Shabtis
Author: Stewart, Harry M.
First published: 1995, Shire Publications Ltd
Amount of pages: 64
ISBN: 0-7478-0301-3
Average price: EUR 10
Availability: Good
Language: English

Content: General description of shabtis


This small booklet in the “Shire Egyptology” series offers the best value-for-money in the area of shabti books. Although this is one of my first books and I almost know it by heart, I still grab it often. The book provides an excellent description of the use of shabtis and the development of shabtis through the periods. Arguably the best thing in the book is an overview /diagram of the various materials that shabtis were made of in combination with the implements to provide a first guide to dating of shabtis. I have not encountered a similar overview in any other book.Also, the handy size makes it easy to take it with you when you visit museums.


One of the few shabti books that is also highly recommended to general lovers of ancient Egyptian art. In view of the limited price, a must have for everyone!

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