Name owner: Herwebkhet

Title owner: The Osiris

Dimensions (hxwxd): 10.6 x 4.0 x 2.5 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Osiris, Her-webkhet, true of voice

Preservation: Intact

R-R: 253.6

Provenance: –

Comments: Transliteration: Wsir Hry(t)-wbH-t MaA-Chrw.
This lady was a daugther of the High Priest Pinedjem II and his second wife Iset-em-Khebi. Her titles were: Lady of the house, Chantess of Amen-Re, Second prophet of Mut and Supreme Chief of the Harem of Amen. For parallels and further references see G. Janes nr. 60a and 60b as well Aubert Cache 2 nr. 30 and Araujo two example on page 655 and 656.

Additional information

Ancient provenance

Deir el Bahri, Cache 2


21st dynasty