Name owner: Amenemopet

Title owner: The Osiris, the Priest of Amon Ra King of the Gods, Master of Secrets, Chief Draughtsmen of the temple of Amun

Dimensions (hxwxd): 10.8 x 3.8 x 3.1 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: 1) The Osiris, the Priest of Amon Ra King of the Gods, 2) Master of Secrets, Chief draughtsmen of the temple of Amon 3) Amonemope (Imn-m-Ipt), true of voice, he speaks: 4) I am one who seeks, I am the weary one, 5) who has come for from Hermopolis, I live 6) upon the Besek 7) heart of the Baboon 8) Great (thus the Great Baboon a possible reference to Toth). The text on the arms reads: “Priest of Amon” on the left arm and on the other one partly illegible Amon, possibly Amonemope. 

Preservation: Good, chips to nose, bottom feet and wig, encrustation wig

R-R: 27.18

Provenance: Hugh Stanley Russell collection, sold Bonhams October 2005.

Comments: The shabtis of this owner are well published but still every shabti remains interesting due to the slight variations of the text, which is the unusual Chapter 5 of the book of dead. For a full reference see Glenn Janes, Shabtis in a private view nr. 33. In addition I note that further examples are in Brussels, see Araujo page 572 as well as SC/58.

Additional information


21st dynasty



Ancient provenance

Dra Abu el-Naga, Thebes