Publication: The worker shabtis of Tayu-heret

In this all new publication a parallel overview is provided for the worker shabtis of Tayu-heret, buried at the famous Royal Cache. Credits go to Patrice Renault who wrote most of this article and identified at least 4 significant different sets. The worker shabtis of Tayu-heret are very beautiful and of the highest quality. Strangely so, only 59 workers are known, of the likely original 365! If people know of ones we have missed, please send it to us for addition. The overseers were published earlier here.

Publication: Update of the Nesy-per-Nub parallel overview

Earlier this year we published a parallel overview of the beautiful shabtis of Nesy-per-nub. Since then, Patrice Renault has updated this publication asĀ  more have come to light. Although the document is allready a staggering 100 pages plus, i am sure that many more will come to light as the numbers in museums seem to be limited. Enjoy the new publication!