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After 15 years the website clearly needed an update of look and feel. Also, content wise there was a need for an update.

So, apart from the different colours and layout, what has changed? The focus remains on publishing shabtis held in private collections around the world, as the only online database to do so. The parallel publications of shabtis for one owner (museums and private collections) also remains and is updated with many recent publications. Finally, the review of shabti book publications also remains and is updated with recent publications.

New will be a blog on this main page, that will include posts on Egyptology conferences, acutions, fairs and so on. New is also the possibility to react to these posts!

Gone is the Shabtis for Sales section and the cache 2 overview as a more elaborate overview will be published on www.ushabtis.com

Hope you will enjoy the new version and please leave me some feedback!

Mere Scraps of Rough Wood?

Name: Mere Scraps of Rough Wood? 17th-18th Dynasty Stick Shabtis in the Petrie Museum and other collections 
Author: Paul Whelan 
First published: 2007, Golden House Publications, London, 
GHP Egyptology 6
Amount of pages: 151
ISBN: 978-1-906137-00-7 
Average price: EUR 40 
Availability: Good
Language: English


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Uschebti – agyptische Dienerfiguren einer deutschen Privatsammlung

Name: Uschebti – agyptische Dienerfiguren einer deutschen Privatsammlung 
Author: Stefan Decker 
First published: 2005, Kempen, Germany (October 2007) 
Amount of pages: 140
Average price: EUR 79 
Availability: Good
Language: German Content: Description of shabtis in a private German collection


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