Publication: Update of the Nesy-per-Nub parallel overview

Earlier this year we published a parallel overview of the beautiful shabtis of Nesy-per-nub. Since then, Patrice Renault has updated this publication as  more have come to light. Although the document is allready a staggering 100 pages plus, i am sure that many more will come to light as the numbers in museums seem to be limited. Enjoy the new publication!

Publication: update of Pinedjem II overseers

In early 2017 I published a parallel overview of 22 overseers shabtis of the important High Priest of Amun Pinedjem II. Since then, two more have come to light. As i expected they derived from private collections. One was auctioned by Bonhams in 2o18 and subsequently published by Glenn Janes in his excellent Amasis publication and another was brought to my attention by a collector who kindly shared a picture and the additonal information (private collection PR). By now we have therefore 24 (of the probably originally 36) overseers known examples.  Finally, i came across a colour picture of one of the Moscow shabtis, so that has been updated too. Enjoy the new publication PinedjemII!