Die agyptischen Totenfiguren

Name: Die agyptischen Totenfiguren, Katalog aus den sammlungen des national Museums in Poznan
Author: Schlogl, Hermann Alexander
First published: 2006, Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu
Amount of pages: 80
ISBN: 83-89053-37-3 and 978-83-89053-37-4
Average price: EUR 50 – EUR 80
Availability: Good
Language: Polish / GermanContent: Catalogue of shabtis in the Poznan museum in Poland


The recent Schlogl features a colour cover and some colour pictures of shabtis inside the book. Unfortunately, the shabtis featured in this museum and thus in the book are not very pretty nor very rare.
Also, the diversity of the shabtis in the book is limited. The main part of the book describes Late Period shabtis.

As always, the shabtis are well described, pictured at least front and back, usually also from the sides.


This book is only recommendable to the serious shabticollector / museum that wants to have it all.

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