Name owner: Unknown

Title owner: Unknown

Dimensions (hxwxd): 23 x 

Translation hieroglyphs: –

Preservation: Good, feet chipped, wood with tiny splits, some chips to back

R-R: –

Provenance: UK private collection, acquired in the seventies, sold by UK ADA dealer in 2006 to current owner.

Comments: Impressive large shabti with no parallels known.

Dating of this shabti is difficult since no exact parallels are known. However, based on the smile, the belly and the curveous body I date the shabti to the early 18th dynasty (see Petrie Shabtis plate XXVII for shabtis with similar features). Please note that although long lappets often appear in the 19th Dynasty they were not uncommon in the 18th dynasty either. Usually 18th Dynasty shabtis have large ears which are missing here making the attribution to 18th Dynasty less certain.

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18th dynasty, 19th dynasty, 20th dynasty



Ancient provenance