Name owner: Men-Maat-Ra, Seti I

Title owner: King

Dimensions (hxwxd): 6.4 x 2.3 x 1.7 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The illuminated, the Osiris, the King (+ Chapter VI, five lines around body).

Preservation: Broken and rejoined, abrasion in certain areas.

R-R: 150.6

Provenance: KV 17

Comments: Unlike wooden or faience shabtis, Sethy’s I stone shabtis are exceedingly rare. Four fragments –Cairo (1), Paris (1), University College (2)- and two complete shabtis –Florence (1), and the one shown here- are known.

The Schist has been glazed turquoise.

References: Aubert, J-F and L., Statuettes Egyptiennes: Chaouabtis, Ouchebtis, Paris, 1974, 80-81, Bovot, J-L, Les serviteurs funéraires royaux et princiers de l’Ancienne Égypte, 114-115. Newberry, Percy: “Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi”, 1930-37, pp. 357-58. Cairo CG 48440 = JE 3628, Petrie, W.M. Flinders: “Shabtis”, London, 1935 no. 87 and 89, plates 9, 19, 30 (UC 39719 and UC39721). 

A very rare piece and one of the treasures in the SC database.

Additional information


19th dynasty



Ancient provenance

Valley of the Kings