Book review of the Shabti Collections – 3

Name: The Shabti Collections – 3, Rochdale Arts & Heritage Service
Author: Glenn Janes
First published: 2011, Olicar House Publications
Amount of pages: 98
ISBN: 9-780956627124
Average price: GBP 35
Availability: Good
Language: English

Content: Description of shabtis in the Touchstones Rochdale Museum


This third volume of the Shabti Collections series from shabti scholar Glenn Janes was first released in 2o11.

Some 100 different shabtis are published in 50 different entries. The recipe is the same as the first two volumes, good life-size colour pictures from the  front and back and a reasonabe amount of parallel information of the objects discussed.

There are no spectaculair shabtis to be found in this volume. Nevertheless, these small local museums do contain rare and interesting shabtis and Rochdale is no exception. For me, the most interesting shabtis were the black faience New Kingdom shabtis with white panels of inscription on the front. We have seen similar shabtis pop up in the antiquities market at the end of the 1990’s for  different owners and there were questions about their authenticity. The shabtis published in this volume proof that this type did exist.

I applaud the author for his research and making this collection known to the world.


This book is mainly for the die-hard shabti researcher who wants to have it all.

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