Name owner: Pay-Iry

Title owner: The illuminated, The Osiris

Dimensions (hxwxd): 7.3× cm

Translation hieroglyphs:  The illuminated, The Osiris, Pay-Iry, true of voice

Preservation: Excellent, firing hairline crack at the front.

R-R: 101.18 for Pa-Iry

Provenance: Unknown. Ex: Parson Collection, New England, 1890, sold in 2009 by Hixenbaugh Ancient Art, NYC to USA collector, sold to Dutch collector in 2020.

Comments: White faience shabtis with red/brownish inscription can be found in the New Kingdom. Not much of this Pay-Iry is known, but shabtis of this owner can be found in the Allard Pierson museum. The museum possesses a worker and one in the dress of daily life (inventory numbers  8809 A/B). They are published by van Haarlem, unfortunately with incorrect dating and description (such as the object being of green faience). In 1991 there was a group of three shabtis of this owner auctioned, two workers and one in the dress of daily life (NFA, NYC 11 Dec 1991, Lot 27).

The object published here on SC has the clearest inscription of this rare group.

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19th dynasty, 20th dynasty



Ancient provenance