Name owner: Horankh

Title owner: The illuminated, the Osiris, the Samaref priest

Dimensions (hxwxd): 14.0 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The illuminated, the Osiris, the Samaref priest, Hor-ankh, born from Imy-pet

Preservation: Intact, some chips

R-R: –

Provenance: –


Parallels for this same owner published in Art of the ancient world, 55th anniverseray 1996, page 53, Vol X, 1999, page 52, 1999 and Vol XVI, 2005, page 68.
No further information about this person is known to me. The title Sa-merf-Priest is rare on shabtis. Although literaly it means: “his beloved son”, this title refers to the priests of Harsapes. See the reference to a shabti with the same title in Schlogls Krakow.

A very similar shabti for a different owner with the same title was also published in Art of the Ancient World, Vol. XV, 2004, page 56 for the owner Ankh-em-maat, born from Setij.

The shabtis of both owners have in common that the faience is of a nice blue colour on some pretty dark which is unusual for the period. The T-band inscription dates this piece likely to the 30th Dynasty. The big thumps, the chaotic position of the glyphs and the way the tools are large and extended support that suggestion.

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27th dynasty, 28th dynasty, 29th dynasty, 30th dynasty



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