Name owner: Hekaemsaf

Title owner: The Osiris, overseer of the royal ships 

Dimensions (hxwxd): 19 x ? x ? cm

Translation hieroglyphs: Ushabti of the Osiris, overseer of the royal ships, Hekaemsaf, behold, you will say at any time. 

Preservation: Intact

R-R: 256.24

Provenance: –


Parallels in G. Janes no. 104 and further references found there.
The shabtis of this admiral are well known. The tomb was excavated in 1903 by Barsantani at Saqqara, near the pyrimad at Unas. It contained 401 shabtis.

He was one of three admirals burried near this pyrimad, the others are Tjai-ne-hebu, SC/134 and Psamtek-mery-ptah, all dating the the 26th dynasty. It is unknown whether they were successors or contemporaries.

His other titles include: Prince, Seal-Bearer of the King of Lower Egypt, Sole Friend, Controller of the Palace, Overseer of the storehouse of refreshments and Overseer of the Double Treasury of the Residence.

The shabtis of this owner are of an exceptional quality and this example can be regarded as one of the best known.

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26th dynasty



Ancient provenance