Name owner: Inpehefnahet

Title owner: The Osiris, captain of the bark of Amun. 

Dimensions (hxwxd): 9.1 x 3.4 x 2.1 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Osiris, In-pH-ef-naHet. 

Preservation: Intact

R-R: 34.20

Provenance: Sold at Christies. 

Comments: Parallels: Boston, owns 2 worker shabtis of the same person, these look almost the same as this overseer shabti, these were given to the Boston Museum in the late 1880’s. Wooden shabtis for an individual with the same name and title are in Vienna (AS 1694a/1), page 8,16-19. According to the Elfriede Reiser-Haslauer it is likely that the shabtis are for the same owner as the 21th dynast coffin in BM, papari can be found in Cambridge, Geneva and Londen.

Also she states that is likely that the coffin and the shabtis of this owner likely come from the second cache of Deir El Bahri with the following reference that I cannot verify (PM 1,2 (1964) 638).
However, the Boston shabtis were registered: Hay Collection Gift of C Granville Way, June 28, 1872 Boston ref: 72.1747, 72.1751, 72.1748 and the coffin information I received from BM is as follows:
Length: 190.60 cm Period: 21st Dynasty Excavated/Findspot: Africa, Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes (Upper Egypt – archaic) Purchased from: Robert James Hay Acquired in: 1868.
Both predate the find date of Cache 2! 

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