Name owner: Henuttawy

Title owner: The Osiris, lady of the house, chantress of Amun

Dimensions (hxwxd): 10.4 x 3.9 x 2.5 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Osiris, The Lady of the House, the Chantress of Amen, Henuttawy, True of voice

Preservation: Damaged, broken at mid section, verious chips, mainly effecting feet and face

R-R: –

Provenance: –

Comments: A parallel for this shabti can be found in Amiens, La collection Egyptienne de Musee de Picardie, nr. 99, page 73, where it is stated that this shabti comes from the Second Cache of Deir el Bahri. However, the book refers to the Henuttawy in Schneider and Aubert, but these are clearly shabtis from different molds. Are these for the same owner? I doubt it. The question than remains which one of the two is from the Cache, or perhaps both for different owners. Considering the fact that the coffin found in Deir el Bahri contained the titles Lady of the House and Chantress of Amen (see Niwinskies study of 21th Dynasty coffins, i am inclined to believe that the SC shabti is from the Cache and that the one published in Schneider and Aubert is for a different owner since it does not contain these titles. I discussed this with Dr. Schneider and he now agrees with me. However, we cannot be sure at this point since the name and titles are so common and often omitted in this period.

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21st dynasty