Funerary Statuettes, Oslo

Name: Funery statuettes
Author: Naguib, Saphinaz-Amal
First published: 1985, Phillipp van Zabern, Mainz am Rhein
Amount of pages: 132
ISBN: 3-8053-0816-7 
Average price: EUR 50 – EUR 100
Availability: Rare
Language: English

Content: Shabtis in the Etnografik Museum Oslo from all periods


This edition of the Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum focuses on the shabtis in the Oslo museum. It’s a nice overview of shabtis from all periods (which can not be said from all CAA series. A lot of Cache 2 shabtis are represented in this catalogue, making it extra interesting for the Cache 2 lovers (me!).

The pictures are all B&W unfortunately and I dislike the loose-leaf character. 

The book is in the English language, which is welcome to most collectors.


A recommendable shabti-book, like all CAA’s on shabtis, especially for shabticollectors and shabtilovers. Not of interest for the general reader of Ancient Egypt.

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