Name owner: Amenhatemmecha

Title owner: The Illuminated, the Osiris

Dimensions (hxwxd): 9.5 x 3.8 x 3.0 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Illuminated, the Osiris, Amen-hat-em-mecha , true of voice

Preservation: Broken and rejoined. Glaze excellent.

R-R: 28.10

Provenance: –

Comments: Parallels in Aubert Cache 2 nr. 3, Naguib, S-A: “Etnografisk Museum 1. Funerary Statuettes.” CAA. Oslo, 1985 EM 8085-9 Newberry, Percy: “Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi”,1957 Cairo CG 46714-46732, 46759-46767.
This ushabti has a parallel with spelling variant CG 46761.
There are two types of shabtis in Cache 2, one like this with the Shd title and no Pa-bird in the name, and the other one like Aubert nr. 3, with thePa-bird, no Shd title but sometimes with the title Godsfather. According to Aubert, it concerns shabtis for the same individual from Cache 2.

Additional information

Ancient provenance

Deir el Bahri, Cache 2


21st dynasty