Name owner: Nesamun (?)

Title owner: The Osiris, the Godsfather, writer of the temple of the good god (Amun)

Dimensions (hxwxd): –

Translation hieroglyphs: The Osiris, the Godsfather, the Writer of the temple of the good God (Amun), Nes-Amun (?), true of voice

Preservation: Broken at feet, faience worn, hairline crack at back

R-R: –

Provenance: –

Comments: This shabti dates to the 21/22th dynasty, circa 1000-700 BC and was discovered by Petrie in Abydos in 1900.

Parallels are found in several musuems and private collections. Museum parallels for example: (UC40238) in the Petrie, AYBCM.2003.24.1 in Buckinghamshire County Museum, and 1253 in The Manchester Museum. For a comparable overview of some of them click here. See also the overseer of SC/104.

The dating can be determined, a.o. by the hairband, which first appeared in the 21th dynasty. Based on the greenish colour, the rather thick appearance, the small and clearly detailed hands, the shabti could date to the early part of the 22th dynasty rather than the 21th.
The shabti has several titles with an interesting text, it reads: The Osiris, the Godsfather, the Writer of the temple of the good God (Amun), Nes-Amen, true of voice. In transliteration: Asir, it ntjr, ssh pr nfr ntjr, ns-Imn, maA-chrw. No parallels are known to me.

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21st dynasty, 22nd dynasty



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