Name owner: Henuttawy

Title owner: Queen

Dimensions (hxwxd): 12.0 x ? x ? cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Illuminated, The Osiris, the Queen, Henut-Tawy (true of Voice)

Preservation: Excellent.

R-R: 244.12

Provenance: Currently North-American collection. 


Queen Henut-Tawy was the first wife of Pinedjem I, the High Priest who reigned Egypt as a King from the South. Other titles include Kings Daugther (of King Smendes I), Leading Lady, 1st Chief of the Harem of Amen, Mother of the High Priest of Amun and Mother of the God’s Wife of Amun (Maat-ka-ra). The shabtis of Henut-Tawy are from a high quality and some are very similar to the shabtis of her daughter the God’s Wife of Amun Maat-ka-ra. However, unlike the shabtis of Maat-ka-ra, the inscription of the shabtis is not always limited to a frontal register as with the Maat-ka-ra shabtis. Some, for example the Leiden example, Schneider , are inscribed in two vertical rows. All shabtis of Henut-Tawy feature a cartouche and an ureaus. Her breasts are also indicated.

For a reference of the parallels see Glenn Janes, nr. 57.

Additional information

Ancient provenance

TT320, Deir el Bahri, Cache 1


21st dynasty