Name owner: Takelot I

Title owner: King, lord of the two lands

Dimensions (hxwxd): 7.2 x 3.9 x 2.7 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: Presumed: (The Osiris, the king, Lord of the Two Lands, Takelot beloved of Amun)

Preservation: Fragment, upper half of the ushabti, chipped. 

R-R: 394.25

Provenance: Chicago, O’hare’s antique show, early 1980’s, then US dealer in New York, currently in a Spanish private collection.

Comments: Parallels in Aubert, J-F and L., Statuettes Egyptiennes: Chaouabtis, Ouchebtis, Paris, 1974, pp. 160-161, plates 47-50, Montet, P. Kêmi 9, 1942, pp. 14-15, fig. 9 plate II., Schneider no. and “Tanis, L’Or des Pharaons, Paris, 1987, p. 148 no. 32.

The shabti workers of King Takelot I comprise two well-differentiated series: the first one shows a classic NK look, with well-designed tripartite wigs tied up with a headband (no other 22D Tanite king wears the seshed); the second series includes more diverse shabtis, with curled headdresses and very realistic facial details. The one shown here belongs to the first series. See also SC/56.

Additional information

Ancient provenance

Tanis, Tomb 1


22nd dynasty




Takelot I