SC/149: Djehuty-em-Akhet



Name owner: Djehuty-Em-Akhet

Title owner: The illuminated, The Osiris

Dimensions (hxwxd): 12.1×2.1×2.3 cm

Translation hieroglyphs:  The illuminated, The Osiris, Djehuty-Em-Akhet, true of voice, if he speaks: (chapter six follow)

Preservation: Chip to beard, discolourasition of the faience, otherwise good and intact.

R-R: 407.25

Provenance: Unknown. Shabtis for this owner have been acquired by various museums in the 19th century, indicating an early find of the tomb. SC/149 has been acquired by Mr B. from Groningen, Holland, at the Dutch art market in the 1960’s, sold through Dick Meyer, Amsterdam, in July 2014 to the current Dutch collector.

Comments: What makes the shabtis for this owner very special is that the horizontal inscription (no less than 12 on this example), is NOT between the usual horizontal lines. This is a very rare occurence in the Late Period. One of the very few others were made for the early 26th dynasty official Hor-ir-aa (see for example, Shabtis – a Private View, nr. 98).

Parallels for Djehuty-Em-Akhet can be found in Leiden (four examples, Schneider, St. Petersburg, Hermitage (three examples, inv. 5, 867 and 877) and in Dijon, France (three examples, formerly in the Louvre Museum). One example was sold at auction in 2011 (Drouot, Millon,  01.06.2011, lot 150).

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26th dynasty



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