Name owner: Padiamenipet (Petamenope)

Title owner: The Illuminated, The Osiris, the Master of the Priests who read (Hrj-hb Hrj-tp)

Dimensions (hxwxd): 15 x ? x ? cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Illuminated, the Osiris, the Master of the Priests who read, Pa-di-imen-ipet, true of voice, he speaks: O ushabti .. (Chapter VIIB spell)

Preservation: Upper fragment in excellent condition

R-R: 122.41

Provenance: Drouot, 1 December 2007, lot 441

Comments: The shabtis for Petamenope, or Petamenophis (the greek name of the individual who’s egyptian name was Pa-di-imen-ipet) are of an extraordinary high quality. They differ in material (steatite, faience or this serpentine) and in seize, between 22 and 33 centimer. They were originally recovered by Champollion. Over 60 shabtis have been recorded. Currently many museums posses an example, see Aubert 1974 page 201 for an overview and further references in Schlogl Uschebti 1993, page 36-37.

The shabtis of the 25th dynasty show the return of the quality of shabti production whereby stylistically the Middle Kingdom shabtis were imitated by using the same material (stone), large size and good quality.

Additional information


25th dynasty


Brown serpentine

Ancient provenance

El Assasif, Thebes, TT33