Name owner: Ankhhor

Title owner: The Osiris, Governor of Upper Egypt

Dimensions (hxwxd): 10 x ? x ? cm

Translation hieroglyphs: Speaking of the Words by the Osiris, the Governor of Upper Egypt, Ankh-Hor, true of voice, he says (chapter six follows)

Preservation: Excellent, small areas of brown encrustations 

R-R: 66.1

Provenance: French collection, published Charles Ede catalogue 2008.

Comments: This has got to be the best example of the shabtis for this owner. Parallels can be found in G. Janes nr. 81 with an overview of the other ones. There is one on display in the British Museum with a similar spectaculair faience. Note that the example published in G. Janes book has a matt finish of the faience.

Further note that (most of the) shabtis for Ankh-Hor have their entire body enscribed with chapter six, including the back of the head. Also remarkably is that the shabti does not have a back pillar albeit from the 26th dynasty. Dating can be established based on his important role as Chief Steward of the Divine Adotrice Nitocris I, the daugther of the founder of the 26th Dynasty Psamtek.

The tomb of Ankh-Hor is close to the Deir-El Bahri temple of Hatshepsut and the fourth largest in Thebes. This supports the importance of the man in his time. His shabtis are small but show a remarkable quality of craftmenship.

Additional information


26th dynasty



Ancient provenance

El Assasif, Thebes, TT414