Name owner: Pasheryentaihet

Title owner: The illuminated, the Osiris, priest

Dimensions (hxwxd): 15.7 x 4.0 x 2.8 cm

Translation hieroglyphs: The Illuminated, the Osiris, the Priest, P(a)-Shery-(en)-ta-ihet, born to Ta-Shery(t)-n-ta-kery

Preservation: Broken at knee level, blue glaze almost lost

R-R: 119.10

Provenance: –


Parallels for this shabti published in Schneider nr., as well as further examples in Le Havre and Turin. Schneider describes two types of shabtis for this owner: a) a tall type with a full version of the shabti spell (size over 20 centimeters, Turin even 23 centimeters) and: b) small slender versions (average 14 centimeters) with less refined surface treatment and inscribed with 1 column of incised hieroglyphs in a closed panel. This shabti is obviously more in line with type b, but in view of the difference in size of the shabti published here, 15,7 centimeters versus the 14 centimeters of the version b type, I am inclined to believe that SC/103 could be from a another (third) mould, which is not unlikely in this period.

As with the Leiden shabtis, the glaze of the faience is almost completely lost.

On other shabtis for this owner, his titles include Godsfather.

Additional information


30th dynasty, Ptolemaic



Ancient provenance