Iry, SC/3, 21/22 dynasty, circa 1000-700 BC


General comments:
This shabti dates to the 21/22th dynasty, circa 1000-700 BC. This can be determined, a.o. by the hairband, which first appeared in the 21th dynasty. Based on the greenish colour the shabti could date to the 22th dynasty rather than the 21th.
The shabti reads: The Osiris, Iry, true of voice. No parallels are known to me.

Condition: The shabti is intact apart from some tiny chips to the feet made good, but the faience shows wear, effecting most of the shabti. The lower part of the faience is best preserved showing the original blue/green faience. The quality of the faience still comes to life under the microscope. The glyphs can still be read clearly.

Provenance: From the Hugh Stanley Russel collection, sold at Bonhams, likely collected between the '50-'70's.

Further study indicates that this shabti likely comes from the Ramesseum.

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